How do you teach young guys how to properly use Axe Hair gel when bros could care less about watching online hair tutorials? The Axe Hair “Styled in Seconds” campaign surpassed all set benchmarks, driving engagement and sales. By tactfully integrating the Axe hair message into the target’s natural environments (i.e. YouTube, funny contextual video sites, Facebook) the Axe Hair prospect was even more captivated and engaged with this content than in past campaigns. The custom video was not only highly entertaining, but also effectively communicated the brand’s proposition.

Awareness & Engagement Successes:
• Video views exceeded 30.6 million, nearly 178% over goal
• 1.2 million+ video views generated by the Rhett & Link video integrations
• 4.4 million total impressions on Twitter (engagement rate of 2.77%)

Driving Sales:
• Axe Hair styling $ sales YoY was up 39% during the quarter the campaign was in market (and even up 67% in the last 4 weeks of the campaign!), which resulted in Axe Hair Styling for FY being up + ~17%.

By leveraging a platform that caters to the target audience and delivering content in a way they are receptive to, the program was a huge success. These learnings and successes have helped to shape Axe's ongoing strategy.

Creative Team:
Christopher Phillips - Copywriter
Mo Osunbor - Art Director
Alex Bodman - Executive Creative Director