How do you teach how to properly use hair gel when guys could care less about watching online hair tutorials? We teamed up with Rhett and Link and leveraged a popular Youtube hair stylist video to give young guys a heads-up on how to style their hair in the most entertaining way possible. The Axe Hair “Styled in Seconds” campaign surpassed all set benchmarks, driving engagement and sales.  

Awareness & Engagement Successes:
• Video views exceeded 30.6 million, nearly 178% over goal
• 1.2 million+ video views generated by the Rhett & Link video integrations
• 4.4 million total impressions on Twitter (engagement rate of 2.77%)

Driving Sales:
• Axe Hair styling $ sales YoY was up 39% during the quarter the campaign was in market (and even up 67% in the last 4 weeks of the campaign!), which resulted in Axe Hair Styling for FY being up + ~17%.

By leveraging a platform that caters to the target audience and delivering content in a way they are receptive to, the program was a huge success. These learnings and successes have helped to shape Axe's ongoing strategy.

Creative Team:
Christopher Phillips - Copywriter
Mo Osunbor - Art Director
Alex Bodman - Executive Creative Director