In America today, 36 out of 50 states tax tampons. This "Pink Tax" unfairly targets half the population while unnecessary items such as marshmallows and cowboy boots remain tax-free. I worked with an incredible (all-female) team of creatives at JWT NY and we decided that if the government was going to treat tampons as a luxury, we should too. We worked with world renown jewelry designers to create the first line of luxury tampon holders. To promote these tampon holders, we created a tongue-in-cheek film with an unexpected partner, Amber Rose, who has helped to take this idea to heights we could have never thought possible.

Luxury Tampons

Creative Team: 
Christopher Phillips, Danielle White - Senior Copywriters
Yana Hunt - Art Director/Creative Director
Sarah Barclay - Executive Creative Director
Brent Choi - Chief Creative Officer